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The Day the Earth Died!


Sunday, July 20th, the International Preparedness Network, led by Aton Edwards, hosted an environmental awareness event at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan.  Poets, speakers and musicians expressed themselves and the message of global environmental sanity and sustainability. One issue featured was the danger posed by Indian Point, a nuclear energy facility 30 miles from downtown Manhattan.

Organizations seeking to shut down Indian Point were in attendance helping audience members take action.

Contact Riverkeeper (, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater (, or Lisa Rainwater van Suntum ( for more information.

Aton promises that this was the first of many such events promoting awareness and action about the real and present dangers facing citizens of our town and our planet.

Aton Edwards, Executive Director of the International Preparedness Network, emcees "The Day the Earth Died"

For more information about upcoming events and the International Preparedness Network, email Aton at


Songs of Freedom's Joel Landy
sang about the dangers of Indian Point.

Second 2 Last
brought their talent to the Bowery Poetry club stage.

Father Paul Mayer
offered a perspective of peace and justice.

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Long time activist and journalist
Mitchel Cohen represented
the No Spray Coalition
and the Green Party
at the event and read a legacy of lies
by the local, state and federal governments.

Anoush, Armenian Activist, film maker
and poet spoke of the plight
of women in her native country.

Kyle Rabin of Riverkeeper and Lisa Rainwater van Suntum pose with a map showing Indain Point and areas at risk. 21 million people live within 50 miles of the nuclear facility. Contact Kyle and Lisa to get involved in closing this nuclear time bomb. (see above)


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