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Songs in the News

Everyday it's something new.  If it isn't arsenic in the water it's Star Wars and the militarization of space.  If it isn't that it's twisting arms in Europe (forgive the pun) or  the appointment of some Neanderthal toady to a cabinet post or some influential position that affects the lives of millions.  If it isn't that it's the rising price of fuel and oil businessmen in the Whitehouse.  If it isn't that it's . . .

. . . it's sure keeping us songwriters busy!

I am known to be involved with many causes, spending my body and time racing around to keep up -- as if I am going to save the world somehow.

Recently I have stopped in my life long enough to look at myself and what I believe to be important.  Being effective is one of those things.  I am as interested in the world's many causes and good fights as always, but I am more directed towards three issues now.  One is local, where I live, my immediate neighborhood.  One is national in scope.  The other has global implications. 

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