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Brave Enough For Love

Do you feel when you feel your feelings you are putting on a show?

... Eyes are staring, people laugh at what you think you know.

You know, if you were human, you may have human needs.

A ghost that haunts, thatís what a want is.

Weíve been to where that leads.

But are you brave?  Are you brave enough, brave enough for love?

Hurting causes hurting, and hurting is a sin.

Would be a fool born of that school to not know were heís been,

But if Iím ever happy, Iím gonna let you in.

Iíve got to find the courage to lose before I win.

But am I brave?  Am I brave enough, brave enough for love?

Feeling fighting feeling.  People and people too.

What can I feel or think or say in order to break through?

ó And am I brave? Am I brave enough, brave enough for love?

Country fighting country, and no one seems to win.

In their heads ó out of their minds.  Thatís how itís always been.

But all of the kingís horses and all of the kingís men

Had never raised the question that I think of now and then ...

Were they brave?  Were they brave enough, brave enough for love?

Believing is perceiving with our narrow point of view,

And perception is the weapon we have trained on, me and you.

And are we brave?  Are we brave enough?  Brave enough for love?

  Joel Landy, ©, 1989

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