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The Constitution declares in uncompromising terms,

"We the people"


"We the legislators"


"We the partisan court system"


It is now up to us to make it so. What will we now teach our children in school about democracy? Do we tell them that their votes count? Do we tell them of the racial profiling in Florida? Do we tell them of partisan courts and political dirty tricks?

And what of the media cynicism and self indulgence which has framed the country's conversation of the recent election process?

The time to speak is NOW! 

It is also time to, perhaps, put comfort aside and act boldly to preserve the principles of democracy.  We would like to think that what is going on can't happen in America.  But it has.  So what do we now do?

Beyond all of this, what we are learning is that we, indeed, get what we settle for.  If you have thought about getting involved, but find it discomforting, perhaps you never attended a rally before, or feel funny about voicing how you feel . . .

I ask you, personally and in a friendly way,

What are you willing to settle for?  And what are you willing to do about it?

I look forward to joining my voice with yours.

Take care.
Be well.

-- Joel

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