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Speak Up!               Why Do We Persist?





Congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who went to Washington DC on January20th!!  You became a part of American history that day. And your bravery was not unnoticed.

If you saw the C-Span coverage of the Inaugural Parade you witnessed the illustrated and vocal outrage of American people lining the parade route.  Signs declaring "Hail to the Thief!", and "ILLEGITIMATE!" were so predominant the President Select dared not walk but the final stretch of path to the White House or risk becoming the target of the expressed will of the American people. 

George Walker Bush managed to avoid the expressed will of the American people on Election Day.  His challenge January 20th was to do it once again and give those watching in the United States and the world the impression that he is a popular leader, one chosen and celebrated by his people.  He was not able to pull the trick off a second time.

Perhaps it was fitting that a discomforting wet fog covered the city as he made his way to the President's house.  If this were a Shakespearean play those watching would have the eerie feeling that vanity, ignorance and a general weakness of character would once again cause the demise of the lead actor.

Election Day was the prologue.  The Inauguration Parade was the first scene of Act One.  Now the play starts in earnest.  The court entertains its king.  The power behind the throne smiles and remains invisible. Jesters and other fools distract a willing public.  The kingdom would appear to be the same ever it has been, but something is different.  Something about the energy pervading the land. Perhaps it is the fog.  Everywhere there is a feeling of uneasiness. Like the feeling one gets after purchasing something and receiving far too much change from the proprietor and thinking about it all the way home.  As if there are two sides to every issue and you are tired but have to defend one.  And it is knowing that one side cannot relax because it knows it is wrong, and the other side cannot relax because it knows it is right.

And you walk on through the dark and damp, thinking.

~  ~  ~  ~

And if in your thoughts you decide King George with his court of elite giants, gnomes and nasties are an apparition to be seen through and revealed for what they are and what they represent, know that you have friends and that the battle can be won.

Find your friends.  Find your voice.  Find the time.  Find your way.

Here are some people who can help you.

And come to Washington with us May 19th as we look at The Great Pretender's first 120 days in an office during Voter Rights Day!  The websites below can help you get there.

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