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I Need You Now

Something's going on out there, far beyond my reach.

Couples in relationships are mooring at the beach.

In this there's a lesson I know that I can teach.

I've known this empty feeling before,

Like driftwood floating aimless by the shore.

Despite the pain my world remains somehow.


I need you now.


Work another 12 hours, then where do I go?

Home to where the heart is . . . a little room I know.

I'm staring out a window and feel the need to grow.

The world spins.  I'm standing in one place.

I know that I should join the human race,

But I'm tempted to take that final bow.


I need you now.


. . . In my dreams I am a universal man.

      Sharing what I can.

        Balance in my life.

     Having what I have . . .


There's a larger picture.  Sometimes I can see

Images of happiness someplace I will be.

But there are louder voices and they always disagree.

The promises we make to keep us sane

Can help us with the emptiness and pain,

But they can't replace what pleasure will allow.

I need you now.

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