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I Wanna Be Rich!!


I was there at Woodstock.  Been in the Peace Corps too.

Working for non-profits, anything that I could to ...

All for the human cause and  improving its condition.

But when I woke up today I had a different mission.


I wanna be RICH and dine tonight at Sardiís.

Being rich means you never have to say that you are sorry.

Filthy Rich!!

Snore as my investments grow.

I wanna be the next star of Madonnaís video.


Ivan Boesky is my savior and Michael Milken too.

Donald Trump is still the king of cash.  Ronald Reaganís my guru.

Yes, I have been born again as a capitalist full grown.

Iíll write a book and sell it all about the things I own.


Oh, make me rich.

I donít care about the poor.

I used to have that malady, but I donít anymore.

Wanna be rich.

Down with people.  Up with things.

Iím trading my granola for Liz Taylorís diamond rings.


Well ... Iíll buy myself an army and Iíll buy myself a state.

Iíll buy a dozen dizzy blondes.  Iíll buy myself a date.

Iíll buy myself a President, then Iíll buy myself some clothes

And attend the inauguration of the guy you thought you chose.


And Iíll roast those bleeding liberals in the papers that I buy.

Donít forget the cable systems.  Iím a multi-media kind of a guy.

Iíll have Sam Donaldson for breakfast and David Brinkley for my lunch.

George Will will be my closest friend with Gordon Gekko and his bunch.

And Iíll run the Goddamn Senate sitting in my easy chair,

Designing legislation for the PAC committees there.

Jesse Helms will council me.  Heís a man of taste and fame.

Then Iíll start up a philanthropy.  Immortalize my name!


And when Iím rich Iíll celebrate it with a war.

Pick out some third world country with oil.

-- Thatís what they are for.

And if you have seen one tree, whatís the reason to see more?


Itís been a switch.  But Iíd rather be rich.

Iíve found my niche.  I LIKE to be rich!

Ainít life a bitch?

You gotta be rich!!!

Joel Landy,©, 1996

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