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"He's a real live wire!"
~  Pete Seeger

Hello, friends. 

This is the bio page.  It's a lot harder for me to write this one than the others involving democracy, Star Wars and fighting for justice in the world.  I guess struggle for me includes coherently talking about myself.  We'll get over it.  I want you to know who I am.

I have been a singer/songwriter in and about New York City since the late 1980s.  I have been an activist for longer than that.  For six years the Songs of Freedom show has given me the opportunity to stay busy producing and playing.  I enjoy the creativity in that.  I also enjoy sharing the spotlight with activists and artists passionate about their work.  I have made many new friends and have learned a lot too.

Sometimes I wonder what my role is in the progressive social agenda music movement.  Once upon a time I thought I would have to be the next great singer/songwriter to be happy. A lot of ego involved in that.  A lot of weight.  I am not in that place anymore.  I think my role is more of a spirit who provides a space and an energy for creative artists to meet each other and express themselves.  Sure, I like to play too.  And I do.  But the weight is off.  The "have to" of it is gone.  It's more fun this way and fun is important.

I could tell you of all the places I've played and all the songs I've written and all the groups I belong to and the famous people I've met.  Would that really impress you?  I am more interested in energy and in reading energy.

Can you read the energy here?

We work in the dark - we do what we can -
we give what we have.
Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task.
The rest is the madness of art.
  Henry James

I look forward to sharing our art together !

Be well.
Stay strong!

~ joel



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