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Well, I'm totally moved into my new living space in Kew Gardens, Queens, with my fiancéé, Takako. Still putting my stuff from boxes to closets and drawers. The testing moment of our relationship came when I showed up with all my stuff. She still let me in the apartment. "That's a good sign!" I thought to myself. Life together has been great so far. Stay tuned for more!

Big changes for me. The new living situation had coincided with a new job. I am now a technology teacher in a public school in Brooklyn. Full time and then some. I think Takako's greatest nightmare is that I will wake up some day and decide to be a full time musician instead. There is a clever song that warns, "...and if you want to ruin your life...become a guitar player's wife..."   We'll see.

The latest news about CBGB's is that it is over and done for them!
Sorry to see them go!  The annual Woody Guthrie summer birthday bash will continue, however. Count on it!

My 50th birthday happened on Saturday, September 3rd. I want to sincerely thank all my friends who made the occasion so memorable, especially Karen Brooks, who invited me and others to her homestead in northwest Massachusetts. The weather was great, the country was beautiful and the vibe was so sweet. It is the nicest thing in the world to have people who love you.

I have got gigs, demonstrations and conference appearances coming up,
of course along with Songs of Freedom.
I hope you are well and energetic and that I see you soon!

peace and love