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Links to Other Web Sites


There are many sites worth noting.  Here are some web sites about my friends, other artists, Pro-Democracy groups and issue organizations. 

If you know of any other quality websites about important issues - topical or just fun - let me know by sending me an email at

Pro-Democracy Demonstration,
Times Square, NYC, December 2000

Human Rights Rally,
Hoboken, NJ, July 2002

Lockheed-Martin, May 2002
Berkeley, CA


Stop Star Wars !

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space website. 
Educate yourself and share what you know.  The planet is in danger.

Democracy and Election 2000
This broad-based group has been responsible for some of the largest demonstrations against the illegitimate Bush regime.  Come to the site to find out about pro-democracy activities throughout the country.,   "Fighting for the lost ideal of Government of, by, and for the People," by exposing the Bush coup d'etat and opposing the Bush Occupation,   Protesting the unraveled Constitution, this site represents millions of Americans minimized and disenfranchised by the Election of 2000.   Angry voices are alive and kicking.  Read about it here.,   Demonstrative dispatches and more, "Bush Brothers Banana Republic Resistance, News, Humor and Commentary."

Other Pro-Democracy sites include:, Powerful animations by Eric Blumrich punctuate this site flying in the face of the Bush Administration.,   Up to date site with issues and stories presented from this side of the political fence.  With an attitude!,   A common sense journal.,    One of the first sites,
"To question the legitimacy of a Bush presidency, due to disenfranchisement and disregard for the will of the people". 
Many links here to organizing activity across the nation.,   Good information here, documented with links and footnotes.,   Connecting dot com democrats (not affiliated with the Democratic party).


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting web site. A welcome perspective to what we see projected in our lives as truth.
Check out the CounterSpin section!

Independent Media Center  (INDYMEDIA)
Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. 
It's a "democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth."  Important stories covered well.

Globalvision  Be sure to check out the links page!

"Powerful … television with an edge." - Associated Press

Globalvision is an independent media production company which has produced award-winning news presentations in a variety of media for more than a decade. Globalvision's cofounder, Danny Schechter, appeared on a recent episode of Songs of Freedom, presenting his most recent work, Counting on Democracy, an examination of the stolen election in Florida in 2000.

For a comprehensive report of media related news, be sure to look at

Good Government

People For the American Way
Their issues are defending democracy, education, free expression,  equal rights, and keeping an eye on the religious right.
Handgun Control, Inc.
With Bush in the Whitehouse, so is the NRA.  Charlton Heston may get to play God yet!   HCI was responsible for the Brady Bill and continues to monitor legislators and gun legislation at the federal level and within each state.  



The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,
by Greg Palast

Best selling book exposing the truth about the Bush family, how they make their money, and who pays the bill. Palast is so good he can't be hired as a journalist living in America.

"No one has exposed more truth about the Bush Cartel and lived to tell the story." 
Baltimore Chronicle

Votescam:  The Stealing of America
First published in 1992, the book was immediately banned in major chain book stores.  It is the culmination of a 25 year investigation into computer vote fraud.

Stand And Be Counted
by David Crosby and David Bender
The dramatic story of the artists and events that changed America.
Inspiring!  ... especially if you believe music can change the world.


Artists, Performers, and Friends

Steve Suffet  

Ray Korona   Sharon Abreu

Heather Lev   Anne Price

Ken Gale's Eco-Logic Radio Show

The Funny Times
The only magazine I pay to receive in the mail every month is the Funny Times.  It usually comes on a day that I really need to laugh.  It is crammed with all kinds of cartoons, many very political, and humorous commentary from a variety of sources, notably Jim Hightower, Will Durst, Phil Proctor, Barbara Holland and others, including, of course, Dr. Science.
Here is their web site.  Be sure to check out the laugh links page.

Bush or Chimp?
Somebody doesn't have anything against George W. Bush, but thinks he looks like a chimpanzee.  
He reports.  You decide!


Alternate Energy Solutions

Neighborhood Energy Network,