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Joel Landy and Fred Starner at the

People's Voice Cafe
at the Workmen's Circle

Saturday, March 9 / 8pm

The Workmen's Circle, 45 East 33rd St. (between Madison and Park)
Wheelchair accessible
$10 or TDF / $7 PVC or Workmen's Circle Members
$5 Seniors / On Strike / Up Against the Machine

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Hello everyone.

Here's a reminder about my performance coming up this Saturday at the PVC. 
I hope you can join Fred Starner and myself there on MARCH 9
for an evening of creative fun and lots of singing.

Since I last appeared at the PVC we have seen the phrase
"War on Terrorism" used quite a bit.
We haven't seen "War IS Terrorism" discussed or sung about much on TV though.  We'll do that Saturday. 

We'll also sing about the lie that Star Wars is about defense
and talk about the administration's golden rule,

"Do one to others before they do one to you."

Original material and songs by Dylan and Ochs will make up my set list.

I look forward to singing with you.

peace and strength,


A word about Fred Starner, someone who I admire as a
person as well as a performer. . .

"Banjo Fred" Starner
lives in California and is proud to be a hobo minstral,
keeping the torch burning for a hobo culture
rich in tradition and music.  In addition, he and his wife
served on the very first Clearwater crew back in 1969.
His performance past includes many shows playing with
Pete Seeger and the late great Fred Kirkpatrick.
More recently Fred has devoted his energies to hobo conferences,
numerous gig dates and internet radio.

I respect where Fred has been and the spirit he represents. 
It will be an honor to be singing with him.

Join us Saturday.
See you there!


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