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A Modest Proposal">

A Modest Proposal, 2001

Gatorade may bring you the Olympics, but no Supreme Being brings you war.  People do that.
War is unGodly. Killing is unGodly. And hate is very human.
People create a war god and ask others to bow to it and kill.

In the days of the wild wild west, the city of Dodge reportedly collected the guns of people as they came into the town. This was done in the name of peace and sanity. Saloons in the wild west would also collect and then return the guns of potentially rowdy patrons.

Flash forward to the 21st Century. Since people cannot argue for war without invoking the name of God, I put forth the following proposition:

All those who argue for war will henceforth be prohibited from using the word God in proclaiming their case to rally those who would listen against their proclaimed enemy.  This would include the use of the word in blessing one side or the other.

Those who meet to argue for war will check their God at the door, just as barroom patrons checked their guns. Upon leaving the war room, said individuals will be free to take their God with them.

If we need sponsorship to get this idea off the ground, we can ask Dodge to help us.

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