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Ode to the Old NRA

We once heard of an Evil Empire,

But it’s not a country or place.

It resides in a lobbying organization.

They do well in masking their face.

Now it’s time for nonviolent action,

Despite what your Senate may say,

And the interests they have in protecting the NRA.

And the money they take from their friends at the old NRA.


The National Rifle Association

Is opposed to the concept of legislation

And regestering guns that are bought and stolen

And are used in the crimes that nobody’s controllin’.

They’ll tell you gun ownership is everyone’s right.

Quote the second amendment to their own heart’s delight.

— But their version is not what the words on the document say.

But the truth never mattered too much to the old NRA.


The NRA will tell you they’re American Boys

And guns are just guns just like toys are just toys.

Then they’ll glibly announce that they’re fighting for you.

— Ah, but guns never die.  It’s the people that do.

Then they’ll contact their friends up on Capitol Hill

With their minds in their camp and their hands in their till.

And  they’ll call it a triumph of good

  The American Way 

When legislation is signed as defined by the old NRA.


Twenty-five people are losing their lives

In cities and streets everyday.

Saturday Night is a Special event

Brought to you by the old NRA.


We register cars.  We don’t register guns

In the rape of our daughters and deaths of our sons.

Billions of dollars in medical costs

Every year to the victims.  But that’s not all that’s lost.

And every few seconds that pass in a day

A new handgun is ready and willing to play.

It’s getting hard to pretend it won’t end, ‘less we want it that way.

Ironic it is that’s the goal of the old NRA.


Drive by shootings, assault rifles, guns in our schools,

And police who are shot at today...

They’re denying the blame.  Folks are dead just the same.

Charge it all to the old NRA.

Lennon and Martin and Kennedy,

Lowenstein and Milk and you and me,

We all have a stake in ending this war

Measured by the statistics that we’re dying for.

Millions of people all seem to agree

— But what to do first is confusing to see.

I have a suggestion.  You may even have heard it today.

Put an end to the war.

Put an end to the damn NRA.


Yes, there is an Evil Empire,

But it’s not a country or place.

It resides in a lobbying organization.

We’d do well in unmasking its face.

Now it’s time for nonviolent action.

And it’s time for starting today,

To expose all the favors and lies at the old NRA.

To expose those a-gunning and running the old NRA.

  Joel Landy, ©, 1996

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