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The Only Way

People need a hero.
We’ve been searching in our sleep
With cars, guitars and movie stars
And the dreams we cannot keep.

People need a hero,
Yet we see them everyday.
We have to walk this road together.
It is the only way.

People need a hero
In everything we do.
Have you turned around to see the hero sitting next to you?
You may not even know him.
She may never know your name.
Although they may be strangers they are heroes just the same.
As we walk the rubbled ruins and we struggle through our day
We must know this road together.
It is the only way.

We know about the heartache.  Everyday we feel the pain.
The missing and the loved ones we may never see again.
With those who grieve we share our hearts.
There is little we can say.
We can walk the troubled road with them.
It is the only way.

And those who scream for bloodshed,
That road’s been tried before.
There is justice in the healing, not another bloody war.
Our only guarantee is love in our hearts and when we pray.
Let us join our hands and walk as one.
It is the only way.

And here’s to all the heroes that you might see today,
And the road that we are walking.
It is the only way.

Joel Landy, ©, 2001