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Songs of Freedom
Artists for Change


Many creative and talented people are writing about the stealing of the 2000 presidential election.  I think we write and sing about this because it helps us cope in our own lives, while feeling we are making a difference in a larger way somehow, somewhere, some time.

Some people will tell jokes. 
Some will just act nervous.
Some will think about doing violent things. 
Some will work for peace. 
Some do all of these things in order to cope.  Many times they are songwriters.

I am fortunate to know a few who are putting their energy and talent forward.

Here's a gallery of talent.  Enjoy!

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Mark Levy

"Unfortunately I don't have any attribution for this one." says Chris Herman from Takoma Park, MD.
Whatever it is, you can sing it to "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things"

Jenny Hurwitz
Ode to Pat Buchanan

Fine and Rutkin
Star Spangled Vote Song

Judy Klass
1. Ballots Blowing in the Wind
2. How Dumb is Dubya?
3. Wear An Orange Ribbon 'Til This Nation's Free

Whitehouse    words: Mark Levy    tune: Woodstock, Joni Mitchell
Well I came upon a chad that clogged.
It was lying on the floor,
and I asked, "Were you a vote for Gore?"
This it told me:
I've gone down for the final count.
I was punched too many times,
but you can read between the lines
if you just hold me.
We drink starbucks, we count ballots,
and we've got to get them in before the deadline.

By the time he got to the Whitehouse,
Bush was half a million short.
He was glad he went to court to stop the countin'.

And he dreamed he saw the ballots 
hanging cloud-like in the sky
turning into butterflies for Pat Buchanan. 

We drank Starbucks, counted ballots,
but we didn't get them in before the deadline.
(Hail to the thief, y'all!)
Some of my favorite something or other . . .
Some chads are dimpled, and some need correcting.
Some chads are dangling, and some are expecting.
Ballots allegedly chewed by a goat.
These are all part of the Florida vote... 
Cheney and Baker and Poppy conspire,
Ruling out dimples 'til judges retire.
Payoffs to precincts, however remote.
These are all part of the Florida vote!
When Dan Rather, When Tom Brokaw, Make the final call,
We'll all wax nostalgic for President Bill
Who wasn't that all!
Check in the closets of Jeb and of Harris.
Absentee ballots and tickets to Paris.
Partisan trysts on a Miami boat.
These are all part of the Florida vote...
Butterfly ballots in post-larval stages,
Recounts in Broward, Republican rages,
Dubya and Al Gore at each other's throat
These are all part of the Florida vote!
When the chads fall, When he's sworn in, When it's fin'lly done,
We'll fondly remember the Bush-Gore campaign,
But won't really know...who won!!!
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Ode to Pat Buchanan by his faithful admirer Jenny Hurwitz
(sotto or not so sotto voce)
I love you Pat Buchanan (Revote!)
You're a sunshiney guy for the sunshine state ballot (Revote!)
With butterflies in my eyes, I punched them holes for you
'Cause I'm a fascist voting Democratic Party Jew (Nu?*) Revote!
I've watched you Pat Buchanan (Revote!)
In my volunteer work with the Anti-Defamation League (Revote!)
My dearest fondest hope, when I fought for the right to vote
Was to someday cast for an ass who really gets my goat! (Revote!)
I wish you well Pat Buchanan (Revote!)
Even you said this will not stand (Revote!)
We'll ruin your reputation 'cause all across the nation
You'll be known as that tolerant socially conscious man!  
(Revote, Revote, Revote Revote Revote!!)
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Star Spangled Vote Song
O say can you see
Where my ballot might be?
Did it get lost?
Or, perhaps it got tossed?
Through broad stripes and bright stars 
Through Democracy’s fight 
Was the hole I punched there? 
Was the vote really fair? 
All the votes that we share Have some vanished in air? 
Give proof to us all That our flag still stands tall!
O say does that star spangled banner yet wave 
To protect each person’s vote That our freedom gave?
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Ballots Blowin’ in the Wind
(sung to you know what)
How deep a mark must a ballot bear
To save it from just being tossed?
How many hours must black voters wait in line,
Before they’re just told to get lost?
Yes, and how many tricks can Republicans play
Before that thin line is crossed?
The ballots, my friend, are blowin’ in the wind
The ballots are blowin’ in the wind
How many wars will Chickenhawk George start
To prove that he isn’t a wimp?
How many times will the stock market crash
If our leader has the brains of a chimp?
Yes, and how many blows can democracy take
Before it’s just left hanging limp?
The ballots, my friend, are blowin’ in the wind
The ballots are blowin’ in the wind
How many women will lose the Right to Choose?
How many wire hangers will bend?
How much of the surplus will go to millionaires
Until there is no more to spend?
Yes, and what of our seniors and school kids at risk?
What rights are we willing to defend?
When the ballots, my friend, are blowin’ in the wind
The ballots are blowin’ in the wind
How many species will become extinct?
How large will the ozone hole grow?
How many countries will laugh in our face
Because Dubya, he seems kinda "slow"?
How many liars will call him President,
And pretend not to know what they know?
That the ballots, my friend, are blowin’ in the wind
The ballots are blowin’ in the wind

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How Dumb is Dubya?
You are our President in the same way that OJ is innocent
Somebody could’ve been legit if the votes were counted
But you knew it would not be you, you hypocrite
Such a shallow idiot
The cowboy former Texas governor 
And now I wonder, Lord, I wonder:
How dumb is Dubya?
Never thought I’d live to see a coup staged in the USA
Hell, no, boy – not by the likes of you
But there’s Daddy’s old CIA tricks
And your brother and his girlfriend
Said Florida was yours to fix
Oh, and what a pair of preppy pricks!
Well, let’s just call you Dumb and Dumber
And now we wonder, oh Lord, we wonder:
How dumb is Dubya?
The Supreme Court made a bum call
They forward-passed you the nuclear football
Our country, our planet, and all our plans
Are now shaking in a frat-boy former addict’s hand
You are our President in the same way that OJ is innocent
You’re gonna "heal" us, yeah the media swear it’s so
But deep in all our hearts we all know what we all know
Even you have a sense of what you’ve done, you pitiful Shrub, ya
As we all wonder, Good Lord, we wonder:
How dumb is Dubya?  How dumb is Dubya?
How dumb is Dubya?  How dumb is Dubya . . .
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Wear An Orange Ribbon 'Til Our Nation's Free
(with apologies to Tony Orlando – and Dawn!)
America is doin’ time
‘Cause our highest Court has turned to petty crime
They’ve stolen this election from the hands of you and me
But here’s what you can do to help restore democracy
Restore democracy
Wear an orange ribbon ‘til our nation’s free
Through these four long years of hypocrisy
They’ve staged a coup and told us
That’s the way it's got to be
But we’re gonna fight. We got the right
Our emblem, it will be
These little orange ribbons
To restore democracy
Each ribbon represents a vote
That the Bushes tossed, and said "That’s all she wrote!"
We’re in a hostage crisis, and the goons are on a spree
They’ve locked us all in prison; People’s Power is the key
It comes with Unity
Now Americans are marching, and the media will see:
Our million orange ribbons to restore democracy.
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