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What do you say when you are asked "why do you bother" to protest now that Bush is in the White House?   Why do you persist?

I have asked many people who went to Washington that question.  I was curious to know what peoples' reasons are.  More than that I wanted to hear answers resonate within me and make me stronger when I was asked the question.  I find articulating aloud and having my truths resonate makes me stronger within myself.  I know myself better.  I get into less arguments about right and wrong opinions with people . . . as if there are right and wrong opinions.

Some of the answers people had were inspiring: 

“When you hear people say that Bush is the President. Accept it! … what they really mean is that challenging it is too hard. The road is too long.  The journey too great."

"We must remember the importance of the task, not the chance of success.”

“There is a moral imperative to tell the truth.  A lot of people do not want to hear the truth, but not to hear it is the worst thing to do as a country.”

There were defiant answers:   
"The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him!" 

There was practical logic:  
"Bush didn't win.  We should not let people forget it!"

“I do not know who won the election, but I was not allowed to find out."

There was emotion and anger: 
"Republicans think they can do anything and that voter memories are short!  We have to remind them how wrong they are!"

"Republican organizers gain strength through our docility!"

There were as many reasons as there were people, but every answer had something in common and every person agreed that rewarding thievery with the presidency of the Untied States is unacceptable, and that it is worth risking the approval of friends and family and coworkers to state it publicly and to work towards promoting and preserving democracy in this country.

What are your reasons?  Did any of these answers resonate with you?

I would be interested in knowing what yours are.

Send them to me, Joel Landy, and if you want I will list them here.

Be well.
Stay Strong!

with spirit,


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