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The Real Joke


I was watching a TV special about hype in advertising and America when the old Coke commercial reminding us that Coke is ďThe Real ThingĒ was played.  A cynical line, ďItís the Real Joke . . .Ē ran through my mind.  I wrote a few lines about it.  I offer it to you here.  Picture all those beautiful young innocent people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds singing together in peace and harmony.  Smiling faces pervade the scene as does the color and beauty of the countryside.


Iíd like to impeach the ones who bring

Us our next presidency.

They tell us lies in their disguise

Deciding what will be.

They voted along party lines.

The score was five to four.

America cannot believe

In their Supreme Court anymore.


Itís The Real Joke

To think your vote counts,

And what this all amounts to

Is The Real Joke.


Itís The Real Joke.

The Republican Way.

Are you willing to say

Itís The Real Joke?

If you are not ready to do that and if you are willing to do something about it, check this site's links page.

Let's not reward thievery quietly!

 ~ joel

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