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Joel Landy's    

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Weíre Running Out Of Time
(sung to the tune ďLove Potion Number NineĒ)

I took my troubles to the GOP.
It ainít the Whitehouse that it used to be.
Arsenic in the water isnít such a crime.
That potionís in the ocean and
Weíre running out of time.
Money for missiles and for Star Wars too.
Defense contractors know whatís best for you.
Your education isnít worth a dime, but
Weíre building more prisons and
Running out of time.

[Chorus One]
You wonder what is going on on Capital Hill.
The pigs are at the trough and they are having their fill
And everybody knows who has to swallow that pill.
This canít go on forever although they think it will.
Treaties are broken, but we donít care.
Pollute the water and control the air, and
Punish countries getting out of line.
The planet will survive it, but
Weíre running out of time.

[Chorus Two]
The leaders of this country tell you that it ainít so,
The world has grown impatient of the tricks that we throw.
When you learn whatís going on and where it will go,
Will you join the fight or pretend you don't know that . . .
Treaties are broken and we donít care.
Pollute the water and control the air and
Punish the people getting out of line.
Decisions will be made, but
Weíre running out of time.

Joel landy, ©, 2001