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  This Land Is Your Land             

     Music: Woody Guthrie    Words: Joel Landy   


This land is your land. This land is my land

From Tallahassee to the Key Islands,

But who’s controlling the votes and polling?

Someone’s Bushwhacking you and me.


The election’s over, or so they tell us.

Gore’s is a sorehead, or he’s just jealous.

Yet there’s still chatter of votes that matter, and that

This land is made for you and me.


They send protesters around in buses

And media labels of “thems” and “us’es”

Despite their muscle and P.R. hustle

And things you see on the TV,


From Katherine Harris through our legal system,

Thousands of voters – how did we miss them?

We’ve made our choices.

Now hear our voices:

This land is still made for you and me.

[chorus and end]

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