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Unemployed Again

Unemployed again.

I知 looking at the paper.

I知 annoyed again.

My mind痴 turning to vapor,

舛ause I gotta get some cash.

Pay the rent and make a stash,

And be employed again.


I read the New York Times

Contemplating dreams

Of some white collar crimes.

You know what I mean.

Buy some food so I can eat,

And the women I can meet

So I値l enjoy again.


Monday morning type myself a resume

And a cover letter, and mail them away.

See what I can do to get an interview.


I値l wear my only suit

And tie

So there is no chance they can refute

That I知 a groovy guy.

Then they値l pay me lots of dough

For all those tricks I値l throw........


I知 in the mood again

For luxuries

Like eating human food again.

Spaghetti's getting old.

And I値l gather friends around.

For a change I値l buy the round,

舛ause I知 employed again.

Buy me a brand new pair of underwear.

And a brand new laptop

With lots of RAM to spare.

Connect me to the top.

I ain't never gonna stop.  (And I'll shop until I drop!)


And then I値l cruise the bars.

Spend all kinds of money

On my MasterCard.

American Express

Will bless the day that I arrived.

的 spend, so I知 alive!

  And employed again.

Joel Landy, ゥ, 1986

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