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 has been out on the streets of New York City, people raising their voices 
and public awareness about the election and the fraud in Florida. Real heroes are ordinary folks 
doing brave things despite public resignation and media cynicism.

Perhaps you've seen some of these people on the evening news.  Unfortunately, most times mainstream media 
have been to rallies and demonstrations for their thirty second eye candy "bites", the caption framing the story 
has been of another "Gore rally".   These have not been, nor will they continue to be "pro-Gore" rallies.  
They are "pro-Democracy" demonstrations.  Once the mainstream media accepts that, once a news story is 
framed in the way it is intended and actually happens, that is half the battle.

How often have you seen news stories - "scripts" - which are written before the coverage began?  All you get to see 
is the verification of the author's - or network's - prejudice.  They'll make that story fit their preconception somehow,
by gum!  For the most part, that is what this entire election process has revealed, that the story was already written. 
Our actions, our voices and our votes have been molded like clay to fit the voice and agenda of those who don't
represent us at all.

So what do we do?  We recognize what is going on.  We talk about it.  We are visible.

We also acknowledge those who have been giving so much of themselves in the name of freedom,
fairness and democracy.  Perhaps you will recognize some of the faces below.  Perhaps you'll join us at the next rally. It is in Washington DC on January 20th.  We won't be alone.  Neither will you be.

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See you there!