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We Are All Able to Program Cable

(Public Access For You And Me )

Sung to Woody Guthrie's ďThis Land Is Your Land"

New words:  Joel Landy

Those who work to teach people the literacy of video-making, public access tv centers across the country, independent video producers and their energy, the Alliance for Community Media, and viewers like you . . .


We are all able to program cable.

Each town, each hour, we have the power.

Itís about viewing what we are doing.

Public Access for you and me.

As I went surfing home on my TV

It was unnerving. Nothing there for me.

It was so grating and unrelating.

Why do I pay my cable fee?


Donít want more reruns of ďI Love LucyĒ,

Or tabloid scandals so fat and juicy.

The local story in uncut glory.

Thatís what I want on my TV.


Give me unpolished well meant vanity,

Your poor and tired yearning to speak free,

Representation across our nation,

Freedom of choice on our TV.


Hats off to people who fight this battle,

Who wonít be sold off like so much chattel.

In their defiance, praise the Alliance.

Thatís where we find Community.

Chorus (and end)

                        Joel Landy, ©, 1997

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