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This year I had the pleasure of teaching old and new friends about web design and what it takes to create and maintain a successful website.  We visited websites, leaned about domain names and hosting services, played with HTML, created links and saw what a graphic user interface editor (FrontPage) can do.  Students also created web accounts for themselves for the day. They are now cyber ready. There was plenty of information to be had during the fast moving day.  The response to the class has been very positive.  If you or your organization want to learn about web basics or take your "webucation" to the next level, please call me, Joel Landy, at 718.937.2240, or mail me a note about where you are and what you need. 
I look forward to seeing you online!      Be well, 

Web Design for Activists

The internet has given activist groups and individuals a powerful tool for organizing and mobilizing.  Perhaps you belong to a group that has been using email and a website to organize, inform, agitate and acknowledge.   Perhaps your group is ready to take that step now.

The Web Design for Activists seminar is for

  • organizations ready to learn about, create and maintain their own website

  • organizations already utilizing web technology who want to train their own members, anticipating membership -- and webmaster -- turnover, and

  • individuals ready to launch their own website who want to learn how

Students will

  • learn basic web skills and concepts

  • learn popular web tools and elements of HTML

  • create and publish a website in class

Everything you need to know to get started and become “websavvy”

Contact:  Joel Landy,  718.937.2240      email: web design for activists