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Yonder Starwars!   (to the tune, “Oh Susanna!”)

I’ve come to Alabama with my guitar on a plane.
In Huntsville is the drama and the reason that I came.

Yonder Starwars and weapons in the sky.
When they tell you it’s about defense
You know that it’s a lie.

The Pentagon wants higher ground for war in outer space,
But what they have in mind for us can end the human race.
160 nations came together to declare,
“Space is free for you and me.  No military there!”


Ask defense contractors and the generals you know.
When there’s no enemy on earth, there’s one place left to go.
Destabilize the planet and you’ll have your higher ground,
But what difference will it make if we are not around?


Plutonium is not a friend to any human bein’.
Explode some on a launching pad.  You’ll find out what I mean.
It’s fuel for lasers out in space, though we haven’t been told yet,
And the dice we roll in a new game called Global Russian Roulette.


At the space museum tourists and space campers find
A message of a war machine is planted in their mind.
Although they may not know it they are recruited by this place
To spread the word of High Command, “We are Masters of Space”.

We hear of rogue state psychos and the new states of concern.
With all the words that we have heard, what lesson do we learn?
160 nations, yet the USA persists.
We are the world’s great power and its greatest terrorists.

Chorus (twice and end)   joel landy, ©, 2001

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