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You Can’t Hurry Votes

(to the tune “You Can’t Hurry Love”, originally sung by The Supremes)

New words by:  Joel Landy    Not sung recently by:  The Supreme Court

Imagine the Supreme Court in their robes of justice singing this with the Chief Justice as the lead singer, and with the other judges backing him up, dance moves, et. al. . . .

Democracy doesn’t come easy.
When the truth comes calling,
There are forces stalling.
Their intention not to set you free
Tests our Constitution of integrity.

[chorus]  You can’t hurry votes.  No, you just have to wait.
Until all votes are counted we’ll be living lives of fear and hate.
We will do our job right. We can push back the date.
When the people have spoken our country’s in a better state. 

How many people have been shut out?
You’ve got to count all votes
And remove all doubt.
The truth will out, everybody knows,
After swearing in someone the people never chose.


And what will we teach our children in school?
Do we say if you believe you’re just another fool?
Do we teach tricks of race?  Oppression of the poor?
This is not democracy.  Folks won’t take it anymore.


And what about the court we call Supreme?
It can’t be partisan.  Decisions must be clean.
Despite all we hear from those severe and slanted
We must uphold your rights, and not take your trust for granted.

No, democracy doesn’t come easy,
And it will be taken if we are mistaken,
And to the people who live in this great land,
Remember, you will get
What you demand, and

[chorus x2, and fade out]

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