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May 19, 2001 in Washington DC / Gallery 2

Afternoon at the West Capital Steps

VoterMarch Chairman Louis Posner welcomed everyone to the West Capital Steps after the Voter Rights March from Lafayette Park. 
Speakers included Ted Glick of the Independent Progressive Politics Network, and an author of the Voters Bill of Rights.

A highlight of the afternoon was the appearance and acknowledgement of World War II veterans, both present and otherwise accounted for,
outraged by the stealing of the election and fighting to save this country once again.

Voter Rights Marchers have a seat before before activities at the West Capital Steps begin.  Lou Posner, Chairman and key organizer of this event, addresses the crowd.

Chris Acosta, National Outreach Coordinator for VoterMarch (left) and other speakers also contributed to the afternoon.

Thousands of people got together to make their voices heard in Washington DC and San Francisco on May 19th,
yet there was virtually no coverage at all in any of the mainstream media.  Did you see a word of it anywhere?

Do you wonder why?   Many people believe there is a media blackout of pro-democracy / anti-Bush demonstrations and coordinated efforts to expose and voice views opposed to the current regime and its dangerous and unpopular agenda.

What do you think?  Send your opinions to me, Joel Landy.  (

If you are opposed to the President Select and his merry band of corporate thieves and thugs and congressional con men, it is important that you appear where he does when he comes to your town.  Be visible.  Be loud.  And make sure he knows we have not gotten, nor will we get "Over It"!!!

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