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Topical Urgency

Music has always been an important part of every movement concerning social justice. I have been singing the first two songs below at rallies and demonstrations in New York City since the Election Day fiasco began.  I would be singing the third one, but I would need the Supreme Court to help me.

I invite you to spread the words, and if you want to sing, spread the music too!

And don't forget to send me your music!  

Parodies of songs people already know are especially welcome. These are the kinds of songs that go over particularly well at rallies, as people find it easy to sing along. These kinds of songs are also easy to learn. All a person needs to do is print out a page and read.

Songs like this . . . 


This Land Is Your Land 

Music:  Woody Guthrie   Words:  Joel Landy

What A Wonderful World    (George W. Bush Inaugural Theme Song)           

Music:  Sam Cooke   Words:  Joel Landy

You Can't Hurry Votes

Original "You Can't Hurry Love" Sung by:  The Supremes
New Words:   Joel Landy

It's The Real Joke

from the old Coke commercial and song, "It's The Real Thing"

other songs by other artists

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